DigiWind Project takes Centre Stage at the 5th Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

The 5th edition of the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum held on the 5th and 6th of March, in Berlin, witnessed the active participation of the DigiWind project, represented by Nikolay Dimitrov, Associate Professor from our project coordinator DTU. 

The Technical University of Denmark aims to develop Europe’s best engineering education where students can realise their full potential and master technologies for the benefit of people and society. 

During this Forum, Nikolay Dimitrov captivated the audience with his presentation on the DigiWind project, which served as a compelling case study on “Industry Needs for Digital Skills”. Nikolay shed light on the prevailing gap in advanced digital skills within training programs and elucidated the proactive measures planned within the DigiWind framework to address this gap. By outlining the current and anticipated demands for digital skills in the industry, Nikolay engaged the audience through interactive polls to gather valuable insights. 

In addition to presenting the project’s objectives and activities, Nikolay emphasized the significance of soliciting input and support from industry stakeholders. He encouraged active participation from the audience, underlining the collaborative nature of the DigiWind project and its commitment to shaping the future of digital education in the wind energy sector. 

For that, Nikolay presented DigiWind’s comprehensive survey, aimed at gauging the demand for advanced digital skills and preferred training formats. This initiative underscores DigiWind’s commitment to aligning its educational offerings with the evolving needs of employers, trainers, and learners in the wind energy sector. The insights gathered from this survey will inform the development of tailored education programs to bridge the digital skills gap effectively. 

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About the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum… 

This event provided an ideal platform for industry stakeholders to converge and discuss the transformative potential of digitalization and data analytics in the wind energy sector. Discussions encompassed market opportunities, technological challenges, and innovative solutions, including the integration of machine learning, digital twin technology, and predictive analytics. These advancements hold the key to optimizing wind farm operations, enhancing asset reliability, and reducing maintenance costs, ultimately driving greater efficiency and revenue generation. 

The participation of the DigiWind project in this renowned forum underscores its commitment to driving digital innovation and fostering collaboration within the wind energy industry. By leveraging the collective expertise and insights of stakeholders, DigiWind aims to accelerate the adoption of advanced digital skills and pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in wind energy. 

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