“Meet our Partners”: DTU is DigiWind’s Project Coordinator

As the winds of change blow through the renewable energy sector, the DTU Wind and Energy Systems stands at the forefront, spearheading innovation and education through its pivotal role as the Project Coordinator of the DigiWind Project.


  1. Leading the Digital Revolution Wind Energy Education

In the DigiWind Project, DTU assumes the crucial responsibility of project coordination, setting strategic frameworks, and developing advanced education programmes. With DTU at the helm, DigiWind aims to revolutionise wind energy education, paving the way for a digitally driven future. DTU’s expertise in wind energy research and education ensures that DigiWind remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements.

  1. The Faces Behind the Project

Together, this team embodies DTU’s commitment to excellence and innovation in wind energy education. 

  1. DTU: A Hub of Renewable Energy Excellence

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is a hub of 400+ renewable energy enthusiasts coming from all around the world. Their research spans the full spectrum of wind energy and power systems. From the investigating nanoscale structures to macro-scale atmospheric flow; from designing the turbines of the future to digital energy solutions; from electric power technology to more democratic renewable project planning. Educating the next generation of renewable energy engineers is of vital importance to them, and they collaborate with the entire energy sector to develop the most effective technologies on the planet 

  1. A Vision for the Future

“Our vision with DigiWind is to pioneer a revolution in wind and energy systems education, preparing STEM professionals for the future with cutting-edge digital skills. Through comprehensive MSc and Master programmes and an extensive lifelong learning initiative, DigiWind aims to empower over 11,000 engineers and industry professionals, directly supporting the digital transformation of the green energy sector.” – Project Coordination 

DTU’s involvement as the Project Coordinator in the DigiWind Project underscores its dedication to advancing wind energy education and driving the digital transformation of the renewable energy sector. With its expertise and vision, DTU is leading the charge towards a sustainable future powered by innovation and education. 

DTU is the Technical University of Denmark. DTU aims to develop Europe’s best engineering education where students can realise their full potential and master technologies for the benefit of people and society. 

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