Meet Our Partners: NTNU Marine Technology Department

Continuing our “Meet Our Partners” campaign, we are excited to introduce the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) – Marine Technology Department, a keystone of innovation and expertise in the DigiWind Project. Discover more about their role and brilliant minds!

About NTNU Marine Technology Department

The NTNU Marine Technology Department is at the lead of education, research, and innovation in marine engineering systems. The department’s work is crucial in connecting the potential of our oceans to address pressing global challenges in transportation, energy, and food production.

NTNU Marine Technology is renowned for developing methods and techniques that ensure the sustainable operation of Norway’s major export industries. Their expertise spans ship technology, fisheries and aquaculture, oil and gas extraction, and the latest advancements in offshore renewable energy, including wind, wave, and current technologies. Furthermore, they contribute to coastal infrastructure projects and marine robotics, enhancing our understanding and monitoring of the ocean environment, particularly in the Arctic.

Currently, NTNU is constructing the Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre, equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructure to support both students and their world-class research community.

With a world-leading research environment, NTNU Marine Technology Department hosts over 500 master’s students and 100 PhD candidates, including 20-25 dedicated to offshore wind research.

Role in the DigiWind Project

NTNU’s contribution to the DigiWind Project is multifaceted. The Marine Technology Department participates in our project by offering specialized courses focused on both floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines. Their role ensures that the next generation of engineers is equipped with innovative knowledge and skills to advance the wind energy sector.

Several esteemed professors from NTNU Marine Technology Department are involved in DigiWind, providing their expertise and leadership. The team is represented by Prof. Amir Nejad, alongside other notable faculty members. Get to know all of them:


DigiWind is a leading European project to shift the wind energy education to another level. NTNU Marine Technology Department is proud to be a part of this journey – says the NTNU Marine Technology team.

As we continue to advance in wind energy education and technology, the DigiWind project is grateful for the support and collaboration of NTNU Marine Technology Department.

For more information about NTNU Marine Technology Department, visit their official website.

Stay tuned for more updates and to meet more of our incredible partners!

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