DigiWind Project highlighted at EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2024

The EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2024 event, a cornerstone of Poland’s green energy sector, recently concluded its second edition on March 5th and 6th. As the premier job fair for offshore wind in the country, it served as a pivotal platform for industry players and aspiring professionals alike.  

Drawing in over 8,000 young attendees and featuring 100 exhibitors, this event illuminated the increasing opportunities within the green energy landscape. 

DigiWind was one of the spotlighted participants, represented by the project partner Gdańsk University of Technology. Here’s a glimpse into our impactful presence at the event: 

Day 1 

  • Exhibition Stand: Positioned at the “energy transformation island”, DigiWind showcased its innovation alongside the Centre for Offshore Wind Energy of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Małgorzata Lipska, Michał Wójcik, and Marcin Łuczak were on hand to engage with visitors. 
  • Public Presentation: Michał Wójcik took centre stage to present attendees with the innovative strides of the DigiWind educational project. His presentation underscored the pivotal role of the Gdańsk University of Technology in driving forward our initiative. 
  • Panel Discussion: Various experts contributed to a discussion panel titled “Implementing the NetZero Industry Act at the regional level: How to become a home for clean technology production and green jobs.” Their insights added depth to the discourse surrounding clean energy adoption and green job creation. 
    The discussion counted with insights from… 
    • Jakub Wnuczyński, Baltic Towers 
    • Maciej Mierzwiński, CEE Energy 
    • Marcin Łuczak, Centre for Offshore Wind Energy Gdansk University of Technology 
    • Maciej Stryjecki, ASE Offshore 
    • Włodzimierz Pomierny, Industrial Development Agency 
    • Agnieszka Rodak, Rumia Invest Park 
    • Alicja Chwalińska-Zawadzka, EDF Renewables 
  • Dedicated Side Event: Split into two informative segments, this DigiWind side event delved into the essence of our project and the digital competencies essential for the wind energy sector. Marcin Łuczak and Małgorzata Lipska led the sessions, shedding light on the project’s significance and the evolving needs of industry employers. 


Day 2  

  • B2B Meetings: Day two saw the DigiWind project focusing on one-on-one engagements with students, fostering meaningful connections and providing insights into career opportunities within the wind energy sector. 
  • Project Showcase: Małgorzata Lipska spearheaded efforts to inform interested parties about the DigiWind project, emphasizing its relevance and potential impact on the industry. 

The DigiWind project’s robust participation in the EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2024 event underscored its commitment to driving innovation and fostering talent within the green energy sector. By leveraging platforms like these, initiatives like DigiWind are poised to catalyse the transition towards a sustainable and digital future. 

To receive constant updates regarding our project, follow us on all platforms: https://linktr.ee/digiwind_project  

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