DigiWind’s Presence at the Lisbon Energy Summit 2024

The DigiWind project made a significant impact at the Lisbon Energy Summit 2024, held from May 27 to 29 in Lisbon, Portugal. As part of the F6S Innovation booth, DigiWind joined forces with several other innovative energy efficiency projects, including TWAIN, i-STENTORE, HEDGE-IoT, EXIGENCE, WeForming, 6G-PATH, SNUG EU, and INFERNO. This collaboration highlighted the collective efforts of these projects in driving forward the energy transition.

The Lisbon Energy Summit provided a leading platform for DigiWind to engage with key stakeholders in the energy sector. This high-profile event attracted around 2,000 visitors, including ministers, policymakers, project developers, investors, and innovators, all focused on the future of renewable energy and technological innovation. For DigiWind, it was an excellent opportunity to showcase its methodology, objectives, and goals, fostering new relationships and potential collaborations.

One of the key activities for DigiWind at the summit was promoting the open calls phase of the project, as well as the current Online Survey the project is conducting. By engaging directly with stakeholders, DigiWind aimed to attract more interested parties to participate in and contribute to the project’s development. This phase is crucial for expanding the project’s reach and impact, ensuring a diverse range of inputs and innovations.

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024, recognized as Europe’s leading energy transition event, offered a strategic conference that delved into transitioning the EU’s energy system to one rooted in renewables. Attendees explored various themes across the exhibition’s hydrogen & decarbonisation, climatech, and innovation zones. Here, DigiWind and its partner projects showcased their solutions and projects’ goals, aimed at delivering a cleaner, greener energy system.

DigiWind’s participation in the summit highlights its commitment to being at the forefront of energy innovation. By connecting with global leaders in new energies and technological advancements, DigiWind is prepared to contribute significantly to the energy transition. The insights gained during the summit will undoubtedly propel the project’s progress in Wind Energy!

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